Annadata is a multi-layered agricultural commodities marketplace. It connect farmers, FPOs, traders, and mandis on a single platform for trading of agricultural products. Annadata is a patented technology that includes the Multilayer Marketing Platform (202111056213), Multipurpose Platform for Buyers, Sellers and other Stakeholders (202011024818).
Features of ANNADATA

Features of ANNADATA

  • Multi-layered & user-friendly online marketplace for agri-commodities
  • An auction/bidding or fixed price based trading platform for agricultural products.
  • Distance-based sellers filtration for agri-product procurement.
  • Nearby warehouses for agri-product storage.
  • All-in-one solution for farmers, traders, FPOs and mandis.
  • Establish direct connections without any intermediaries.
  • Enhances market accessibility and facilitate to sell or buy at local or national level.
  • Real-time mandi rate updates.
  • Increases profitability of all stakeholders through transparency and competitiveness.
Benefit to Farmers & FPOS
Benefit to Farmers & FPOS
  • Transparency in trading operations
  • Single platform for pan India access
  • Accessibility in regional languages
  • Real-time market intelligence for informed decisions
  • Better price discovery through auctions
  • Location-specific mandi rates
  • Access to warehousing &
  • logistics facilities
Benefit to Farmers
Benefit to Farmers & FPOS
  • Comprehensive and integrated marketplace
  • Pan India trading facilities
  • Access to quality assessment of commodities
  • Linkage to logistics & warehousing facilities
Benefit to FPOS
Benefit to Farmers & FPOS
  • Commodity insights through MIS
  • Qualitative knowledge of various commodities
  • Access at regional as well as national level
  • Real-time monitoring of market operations
  • Automated billing & accounting services


  • Single User Interface Access
  • Price Wise Product Optimization
  • Distance Wise Product Location
  • Stock Wise Product Visualization
Single User Interface Access