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B-ERP: All in One Solution
Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Helps Organizations Automate And Manage Core Business Processes For Optimal Performance. B-ERP Is Capable Of Linking A Company’s Financials, Supply Chain, Operations, Commerce, Reporting, Manufacturing, And Human Resources Activities And Many More. It Aids In The End-To-End Traceability Of Business Operations.
All in One Solution
Procurement & Purchase Management Store & Inventory Quality, Returns & Refund Production & Manufacturing Finance & Accounting Sales & Distribution HR & Payroll B-ERP-Dashboard

Module: Procurement & Purchase Management

  • Material Rate - Historical records provide Data Point for Negotiation
  • Intelligent System - Auto computes the materials required for the batch
  • PO - Unlimited PO creation, Multiple Amendment and Tracking.
  • Customised Multi Level PO Authorization - Qty, Amount based
  • Automated PO Handling - Send to Vendor/ Supplier via registered Email.

Module: Store & Inventory

Store & Inventory
  • Stock Opening and Closing Maintained into the Ledgers.
  • Batch and Lot Assignment of Stock and Tracking - qty, price
  • FIFO Inventory usage
  • Smart checks on Incoming Stock at Gate Entry - Max received set w.r.t PO
  • Digitised Quantitative Stock Audit against the Gate Entry
  • Stock Up Reporting

Module: Quality, Returns & Refund

  • Qualitative Stock Inspection w.r.t Stock Up
  • Reject/ Damages Identification and Digitisation
  • Return Note and Intimation to supplier
  • Refund Process tracking
  • Settlement with the Supplier
uality, Returns & Refund

Module: Production & Manufacturing

Production & Manufacturing
  • Bill of Material Based Production
  • Intelligent Forecasting of Production requirement
  • Production Batch and Lot Details Maintained for Tracking
  • Inventory vs. Consumptions Tracking
  • Effective Waste Management

Module: Finance & Accounting

  • Full direct integration with E-Waybill Portal of GOI
  • Integrated and Paperless documentation of Financials, Sales, Materials, Production & Performance
  • Application based E-Invoice Generation
  • Automated Invoice and BOM generation
  • Product Batch Tracking
Finance & Accounting

Module: Sales & Distribution

Sales & Distribution
  • Track multi-channel payments.
  • Maintain central repository of customers, suppliers, distributors
  • Digitised Order and Customer Information
  • Notification to customers on Goods Dispatch & Dispatch Details
  • Digitised Quantitative Stock Audit against the Gate Entry
  • Stock Up Reporting

B-ERP Module: HR & Payroll

  • Integrate 3rd Party Attendance tracking for easy payroll processing
  • MSS (Manager Self Service)and ESS (Employee Self Service).
  • Employee Roster Plan with Shifts Control
  • Payroll Process as per GoI Compliance
HR & Payroll

Module: B-ERP Dashboard

B-ERP Dashboard
  • Corporate Vision: Keep Long-Term Objectives in Your Sights
  • Analyzing Risk: Identify Opportunities for Improvement
  • All vital Information just a click away
  • Track Business Performance