Dairy ERP

Integrated Solution for Dairy Industry

  • It is a complete supply chain management and resource planning solution for the dairy industry.
  • It is cloud-based Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution for the management of dairy products that automate core business functions, increase productivity and optimum use of man, material, and money.
  • Dairy ERP benefits the farmers in various ways including milk procurement for fair pricing. It assists the farmers to grow their income at large scale to connect with the dairy business.
  • Dairy ERP connects the farmers with dairy firms through the VSP who tests and analyzed the milk quality at primary level and transfer it to the DSKs of Patanjali.
  • All the qualitative parameters of milk, and procurement details are collected by the quality analyst through autoanalyzer, and all the obtained data is stored in the Dairy ERP database in a synchronized manner.
  • At a certain period, farmers get their fair price based on their milk supplies. The whole process ensures to provide a fast, rapid and smooth mechanism of dairy business for the farmers.

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  • Mobile B-POS ERP Device
  • Inventory Management
  • Procurement Management
  • Automation Of Complete Supply Chain
  • Billing Through Barcode
  • Role-Based User Management
  • Online & Offline Mode In Device
  • Simplified Billing For Quick Check Out
  • Centralized Price Management
  • Centralized Data Management
  • Chain Outlet Reporting
  • Centralized Purchase Order Management
  • COFO & COCO Management
  • Centralized Expiry Management
  • Centralized Loyalty & Offer Management
  • Outlet/Booth Wise High Sale Report
  • Fast Moving Report
  • Slow Moving Report
  • Daily Sales Central Report
  • Stock & Sale Category Summary Report