Hospital Management Information System

Complete Healthcare Platform covering the needs of varied magnitude of hospital operations

Unified Umbrella Solution

  • Covering all departments/business processes under single suite
  • Minimizing the chances of data collision and losses due to integration with multiple applications

End Points

  • Installation free browser based access of the applications
  • Mobile apps in Android and iOS environment covering the usage
Unified Umbrella Solution

Easy to Use Applications

  • Crisp and short user journeys
  • Enhanced User Experience
  • Easy to use and manage

Cloud based back end infrastructure

  • Back End on high availability cloud ensuring 99.99% uptime
  • No Local back end setup needed hence minimizing the support issues
  • Automated backups, restoration hence data protection
  • Highly secure back end with multiple layers of security and access controls

Solution Coverage

  • Automation and interoperability of the business processes and departments
  • Comprehensive solution with all workfl ows integrated
  • Highly customized based on the requirements
  • Horizontally and vertically scalable
  • Developed after following best in class Quality Standards

Customizable Suit Meeting the Requirements

Therapists Management
Analytics and Reports
Wellness Therapies
Single Window
Al-Based To Scrutinize
Complete Analysis Modules
Large Hospital
Realtime Traceability
Hospital Chain
Block Chain Network
Medical College

Core Modules

HMIS EMR/EHR LIMS Pharmacy Management
OT Mangament Smart Ambulance Telemedicine
Billing, Accounting & Inventory System E-Claims and Insurance Feedback x Support Data Analytics
Service Managment HRMS Mortuary IOT & Smart Monitoring

Value Added Modules

HMIS EMR/EHR LIMS Pharmacy Management
Research & Innovation Gov. Schemes Integrations Training & Learning Medical Tourism
Certifications Blood Banks Wastage Management Legal & Compliance

Integrated Data Flow/ Information Exchange


Hardware Infrastructure


Facility Management


Cloud Infrastructure


Admin, Facility, Back Office Functionalities

  • Configuration of & Policies, Pricing and discount etc
  • Creating Templates, Data Formats, Slot Interval
  • Configure Dashboard, Schedules, Working Days
  • Configure Medicines, Symptoms etc
  • Monitoring of the System Reports

Patient’s Functionalities

  • Search Consultant & Book Slots

    Choose Department

    Select the Doctore & Time Slot

    Make Online Payment

    Get Appointment for Self/Family/Friends

  • A/V/T Consultations

    Join and access A/V/T Consultations

    Record sessions for future reference

    Toggle between A/V/T based on available bandwidh

    Get Instant notifications & help for Technical Issues

  • Misc. Features


    Uploads/ downloads Prescriptions/Reports/Invoices

    Maintain User Profile

    View History of Treatments

    Share App, Access Manuals, FAQs

Consultant/ Doctor/ Therapist Functionalities


  • Provide Consulations over audio/video text
  • Provide/Update Diagnosis
  • Prescribe/Update Prescriptions
  • Update Dietary, Workout Suggestions
  • View Reports and History of Treatement
  • Record Sessions
  • View waiting Sessions
  • Toggle A/V/Text

LIMS (Laboratory Information & Management System)

Unified Umbrella Solution

Pharmacy Management

Unified Umbrella Solution


  • Patient can select a slot using Mobile App
  • Online Payment for the session
  • Hospital allots the slot to the doctor
  • Patient can wait for the call
  • Audio/Video/Text throung the App
  • Diagnosis and Prescription

Billing, Accounting and Inventory System

  • Stores Automation
  • Inventory
  • Billing
  • Online/Offline Payments
  • Accounting

E-Claims and Insurance

  • E-Claims & Insurance
  • Online Claim Form
  • Cliam Posting to Insurance Agency
  • Approvals
  • Cliam Settlement
  • Cliam update to Accounts
  • Cliam Adjustment

Customer Feedback and Support

  • Tickets Closure
  • Customer Feedback & Suggestions
  • Grievance Management
  • IVRS/Web Support
  • Support Ticket
  • Online Feedback from APP

Support System

Data Analytics and Reports

Real Time Data Analytics

Trends and Predictions

Hospitality Managment


Maintenance Activities

Research and Innovation

R & D Facility Managment

Knowledge Sharing & Seminars

Smart Ambulance

GPS Enabled

Telemedicine Equipped

Government Schemes Integration

Integration of Ayushman Bharat cards with HMS
  • Govt. is actively issuing AYUSHMAN CARDS to ensure impeccable medical services to the citizen
  • There is a need for a centralized system where the cards could be accessed from anywhere to retrieve the details of:
  • This could be achieved effectively by integrating the Ayushman cards with BPOS ERP Device

Miscellaneous Modules

Compliances and Audit

  • Medical Compliances Library
  • Audit Workflows and Protocols
  • Audit and Compliance Monitoring
  • Audit Schedules
  • Reports Generation and Sharing

Medico Legal Processes

  • Legal Issues Management & Tracking
  • Legal Issues Database
  • Data Sharing and Reports

Cloud Infrastructure

  • Mortuary Movement
  • Space Allocation
  • In-Out Operations
  • Accessibility to Mortuary Vehicles